Mafia Wars Concealable Camera – How to Get Concealable Cameras in Mafia Wars

Do you want to get concealable cameras in Mafia Wars? Concealable cameras are necessary to complete the mission “Obtain Compromising Photos” in the Hitman Tier, which give you blackmail photos and when you have enough photos in stock you will be able to complete all New York job tiers.

Here is how to get the rare cameras:

Increase Your Chances Of Getting Concealable Cameras By Doing Jobs

You cannot buy cameras, so one of the best ways to get this loot item is to do jobs for them. However you cannot get this loot by doing any job. You must complete the Enforcer Job – “Rob an Electronic Store” to be given a chance to obtain this rare item. Keep in mind that they are a loot items, which means that you will only get a 33% chance of the loot dropping.

Increase Your Chances Of Getting Concealable Cameras By Fighting

Another way to increase your chances of obtaining cameras is to fight. If you win a fight, you get random loot drops. The rate at which you get a camera if you win a fight is roughly 1 camera for every 5 drops, or 25%.

But how do you gain concealable cameras without leaving it to chance?

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