How to Level Up Fast in Mafia Wars – 4 Important Tips

Mafia Wars is quite a popular game today. With over five million people playing the game, the competition is surely high. The most important thing in the game is to level up quick without losing much of your energy. This way you get to become the boss of the game. Learn four important tips that can let you do exactly that.

There are no cheats, no codes, no scripts that can let you do these things. Mafia Wars is a totally safe game and does not let you play with cheats and stuff. It is pure tricks and strategy that works.

1. In the most initial stages, experience is less important than energy. You get some energy points every time you finish a job and also during the 24 hour period when you get energy packs. Always make sure you use a couple of experience points to gain energy. This will let you finish jobs faster and easily which means leveling up quick.

2. Never quit a fight half-way through. You might get hit all the time you are offline and this means you will end up losing precious energy and health. It is better that you hit as much as possible, and then when you are hospitalized, quit safely.

3. Energy is everything. If you really want to know how to level up fast in Mafia Wars, check out the pros. Even at high levels, they concentrate on energy. When you begin, make sure you do all the jobs which give more experience for less energy. (You can check out for high experience:energy ratios.)

4. Most importantly help out anyone whom you can. This is the best method in which you can get people to join your family, or help you when you are in need (like doing a job) etc. As much as you can, help others every time.

Choosing the Right Class in Mafia Wars

Mafia Wars is an interesting Facebook entertainment application that’s obtained good reputation since its release. There are plenty of loots and items that you can find inside the game. Mafia Wars continues on, getting interesting with time as you continue to acquire loot within the application.

Hardcore players believe that the essence of this game is to pick the best character type. If you haven’t selected the right character in Mafia Wars, you might have to revise your strategy. Different character-specialization have different pros and cons therefore the players must modify their tactics accordingly. However, a player would like to first find out what suits them best so that they can start Mafia Wars with the best character class.

You can begin the game with either of these 3 classes.




The Mogul is good for those who want to focus more on the make of money over fights. If you choose to grow your domains by making it economically strong, then you should pick the Mogul. Moguls receives extra cash from the jobs than other classes do.

The Maniac regains energy faster than the other types. This allows players to complete the levels faster than other classes. However, some deny that choosing Maniac would be a wise choice. This will be discussed later.

The Fearless regains health faster than the other types.

You can experiment to see what fits you best, it is known though, that the Fearless class would suit most Mafia Wars players. It will allow you to complete the levels very fast. Maniac players might get energy recovered quicker, but they cannot become the Wheelman for their companions. The Fearless is the only class that can serve as Wheelman. It means that you won’t require energy for jobs. Your Fearless will accomplish jobs without using energy 4 to 5 times in a level after becoming Wheelman. In the end, Fearless will easily surpass the Maniac and Mogul.

Mafia Wars Concealable Camera – How to Get Concealable Cameras in Mafia Wars

Do you want to get concealable cameras in Mafia Wars? Concealable cameras are necessary to complete the mission “Obtain Compromising Photos” in the Hitman Tier, which give you blackmail photos and when you have enough photos in stock you will be able to complete all New York job tiers.

Here is how to get the rare cameras:

Increase Your Chances Of Getting Concealable Cameras By Doing Jobs

You cannot buy cameras, so one of the best ways to get this loot item is to do jobs for them. However you cannot get this loot by doing any job. You must complete the Enforcer Job – “Rob an Electronic Store” to be given a chance to obtain this rare item. Keep in mind that they are a loot items, which means that you will only get a 33% chance of the loot dropping.

Increase Your Chances Of Getting Concealable Cameras By Fighting

Another way to increase your chances of obtaining cameras is to fight. If you win a fight, you get random loot drops. The rate at which you get a camera if you win a fight is roughly 1 camera for every 5 drops, or 25%.

But how do you gain concealable cameras without leaving it to chance?

Get Lots Of Concealable Cameras Without Gambling With The Dominate Mafia Wars Guide

If you want to get cameras yourself, it will mainly depend on luck. However, if you want to obtain cameras without leaving it up to chance, it is highly recommended to use the Dominate Mafia Wars Guide.

Dominate Mafia Wars guide is created from super secret strategies that only the Godfathers of Mafias Wars know to get all the loot they ever wanted. This guide will show you exactly how to create a fool proof system to get all the loot that you will ever need through step-by-step instructions and detailed screenshots.